Carley’s Flyers


From left to right in the photo: Carley’s Flyers Ride Like A Girl Team – Jonas Yockelson, Philip Ford, Zephin Mann, Carley Young, Tristan Von Rissen, Gavin Adams, Mason Von Rissen.

Carley Young has put a team of riders together who have shown her in the past they have what it takes to be the best. Being on the Carley’s Flyers team is not about how to you finish but more about having a clear path for each riders goals and a plan on action to achieve them. Carley has a passion for being a leader in the sport of BMX and she wants to help the next generation of riders take BMX to a whole new level. Being a pro athlete she understands what it takes to be successful so she is driven to teach the kids at a young age how to act, plan and prepare for the future in the sport and in life.

Jonas Yockelson 13
Philip Ford 11
Zephin Mann 15
Tristan Von Rissen 6
Gavin Adams 8
Mason Von Rissen 9


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