Ride Like A Girl was established to empower women in the sport of BMX to be the very best. Teaching clinics, one to one coaching, and being a great role model for the future girls of BMX.

Carley Young started the company in 2006 when she started doing girl specific clinics. She set up times at the track where only girls could ride and since they were not being watched by everyone they were willing to push out of their comfort zone to try new things. Girls definitely do things differently than boys and need a bit more of an explanation on things at times.

In 2015 Carley put her full energy into Ride Like A Girl and created a team of riders as well as stepped up programs with Ride Like A Girl a to full service coaching company.  When riders are educated about the sport they stay in it longer, eating right, doing exercises, setting goals,  having a plan, and putting more into their season to see the results.

Carley has scheduled many clinics all over the states to help educate riders on the 25 years experience Carley has to share. Most clinics cover but are not limited to: Gate Starts, Pumping, Manualing, Jumping, Turns, Pack Skills, Riding Aggressive, Rules on the Track (30 ft and last straight), Nutrition, Hydration, Head Injuries, Being a good role model, Stretching, Sprints, and BMX Training.

Make sure you check out the Coaching link on this page and check out the scheduled Clinics, Summer Camps, Day Camps, Private Lessons, Events and what nationals Carley will be attending this 2015 season.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Carley directly

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


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